Volume (1), Issue (1), December, 2012



Volume (1), Issue (1), December, 2012

Effectiveness of a Phonological Awareness Training Intervention on Word recognition ability of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Download)

Adel Abdulla Mohammed, PhD & Amaal Ahmed Mostafa , PhD

Pages: 2- 10

The Effects of Advance Graphic Organizers Strategy Intervention on Academic Achievement, Self efficacy , and Motivation to learn Social Studies in Learning Disabled second year Prep Students. (Download)

Mourad Ali Eissa,PhD

Pages: 11 – 21

Emotional Intelligence: its role in managing Stress and anxiety in elementary school Teachers at workplace. (Download)

Fadlon Saad Al Demerdash ,PhD

Pages: 22 – 31

The Effect of Social Stories intervention Technique on Self Management of Eating Behavior of a Child with Autism. (Download)

Adel Abdulla Mohammed, PhD & Amaal Ahmed Mostafa , PhD

Pages: 32 – 43

Facial emotion recognition in children with autism and their typically developing Peers. (Download)

Jamal Al Sayed tofaha ,PhD

Pages: 44 – 52

The effectiveness of a metacognitive strategy training program in improving Reading comprehension skills of learning disabled grade-five students. (Download)

Al Farahati Al Sayed , PhD

Pages: 53 – 62

The Effect of Bibliotherapy Intervention Program on Self Esteem of Gifted Primary School Children. (Download)

Jamal Al Sayed tofaha

Pages: 63 – 70

Parenting Styles, Self esteem and Depression among 14-17 years old adolescents in Egypt. (Download)

Abdulhamid ,M. Ali, PhD

Pages: 71 – 78

Design Methods of Network Cabling With Concentrators. (Download)

Lukyanov Victor Sergeevich ,PhD & Al-hadsha Fares Ali Hussein

Pages: 79 – 85

The Raven’s Colored Progressive Matrices Test: A normative Data for gifted students in Egypt aged. (Download)

Mourad Ali Eissa , PhD & Al Farahati Alsayed ,PhD

Pages: 86 -92

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(CC BY-SA 4.0)