Volume (1)

Volume (1), Issue (1), December, 2012

This study describes an action research project designed to improve word recognition ability of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder . Method. A total of 47 children diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder using Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation Inventory (Mohammed, 2006), participated in
this study . The sample was randomly divided into two groups; experimental ( n= 24; 16 M ,8 F) and control ( n= 23; 18 M, 5 F). ANCOVA and Repeated Measures Analyses were employed for data analysis. Results. Findings from this study indicated the effectiveness of the program employed in word recognition ability in the target children . Discussion. On the basis of the findings, the study supports the idea of PA as a powerful intervention for children Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Phonological awareness, word recognition ability children with autism spectrum disorder.