Volume (2), Issue. (1), April – 2013

International Journal of

Psycho-Educational Sciences

Volume (2), Issue. (1), April – 2013

Academic procrastination among college students with learning disabilities: The role of positive and negative self-oriented perfectionism in terms of gender, specialty and grade. (Download)
Adel Abdulla Mohammed, Asharaf Mohammed A. Sherit, Mourad Ali Eissa Amaal Ahmed Mostafa
Pages: 2-12

Preventing early reading disabilities in preschool children at–risk for reading failure: A phonological awareness- based program. (Download)
Rehab Al Sayed Al Sawi
Pages: 13 – 22

The use of Addition /Subtraction Operation : Problem Equation Relationship Sample. (Download)
Mustafa Albayrak & Ercan Özdemir
Pages: 23 – 33

Prior Knowledge in chemistry instruction: Some insights from students’ learning of ACIDS/BASES. (Download)
Thomas, D.T. Sedumedi
Pages: 34 – 53

The Effectiveness of an Implemented Human Rights Course Designed around Non-Governmental Organizations. (Download)
Pages: 54 – 67

The Effect of Mental Exercise and Repetition Studies on the Mental Performance of 7th Class Students of Primary Schools. (Download)
Emine Çoban, PhD, Birol Alver & Ali Aslan
Pages: 68 – 80

The Impact of Field Practice on the Self-Efficacy of Prospective Psychological Counselors. (Download)
Semra COŞGUN ILGAR & Mehmet Zeki ILGAR
Pages: 81 – 90

The Competencies of Turkish Visual Arts Teachers in Using Performance Evaluation Methods. (Download)
Pages: 91 – 102

Prospective Primary Mathematics Teachers’ Opinions About The Use Of Computers In Teaching And Learning. (Download)
Enver TATAR & Muzaffer OKUR, Tevfik İŞLEYEN
Pages: 103 – 113

Early Childhood Teachers’ Self-efficacy for Supporting Children’s Development Scale. (Download)
Pages: 114 – 125

The effectiveness of a training program based on Dodge’s Social Information Processing Model on social competence of children with ADHD. (Download)
Waleed Al sayed Khalifa

Pages: 126 – 137

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