Volume (3), Issue (2), September–2014



Volume (3), Issue (2), September–2014

The Effect of Metacognitive Strategy Training on Student Mathematical Problem Solving Process and Contemplative Thinking Skills in Primary School Children with Learning Disabilities. (Download)

Al Said Abdul Khalik

Pages: 3 – 11

The Effect of Differentiating Instruction using Multiple Intelligences on Improving Reading Comprehension of 5th Graders with Learning Disabilities. (Download)

Mohammed , M. Fatah Allah Said Ahmed

Pages: 12 – 19

Examining the Reflection of Mathematics Education on Sustainable Development in the Light of the Quality of Life Index in Turkey, PISA and TIMS. (Download)

Habip Mehmet SEVGİ & Soykan UYSAL

Pages: 20– 31

The Effect Of Social Stories Intervention On Social Skills Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Download)

Hala Ahmed Soliman Hasanin

Pages: 32 – 40

Differential Diagnosis of Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. (Download)

Khaled Abd-El Razek Al Najjar

Pages: 41 – 54

The Relationship between Servant leadership and Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Faculty Members. (Download)

Mohamed Mostafa Mohamed Mostafa

Pages: 55 – 69

The Effect of A Phonological Awareness Intervention Program on Phonological Memory ,Phonological Sensitivity, and Metaphonological Abilities of Preschool Children at-Risk for Reading Disabilities. (Download)

Mourad Ali Eissa

Pages: 70 – 82

The Development of Creative Thinking in Preschool Teachers: the Effects of SCAMPER Program. (Download)

Noha Mahmoud ALZayat

Pages: 83 – 89

Using Social Stories To Improve Challenging Behaviors In Young Children With Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. (Download)

Rehab Al Sayed Al Sawi

Pages: 90 – 98

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