Volume (3), Issue (3), December–2014



Volume (3), Issue (3), December–2014

The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Locus of Control on Burnout among Special Education Teachers in Egypt. (Download)
Alaaudein, A. Alnaggar
Pages: 3 – 11

The Evaluation of the Practices Implemented to Improve English Speaking Skills at Preparatory Classes. (Download)
Beylü Karayazgan & Bünyamin Yurdakul

Pages: 12 – 26

The Effectiveness of a Social Story Intervention in Decreasing Problem Behavior in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Download)
Asmaa Abdullah Al Atyya
Pages: 27 – 33

Barriers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Use in Educational Environments Scale. (Download)
İbrahim GÖKDAŞ & Aynur K. GEÇER
Pages: 34 – 43

The Effectiveness of Mental Imagery upon Sport Imagery of Middle Schools Students in Futsal. (Download)
Hesham Mohammed Al Sawy
Pages: 44 – 49

The Predictive Relationship between Lifelong Learning Tendency and Occupational Efficacy Sense of Pre-Service Teachers. (Download)
Bertan AKYOL
Pages: 50 – 59

The Effectiveness of Touch Math on Improving Academic Achievement on Math Addition in Children with Autism. (Download)
Alaaudein, A. Alnaggar & Ekram Hamza Al Sayed Sahwan
Pages: 60 – 65

The Impact of Implementing Enhanced Milieu Teaching Strategies on the Communication Skills of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Download)

Serbnas Rabeih Abdul Nabei & Al Sayed Saad M. Al Khemisi & Waleed Al Sayed Khalifa

Pages: 66 – 73

The Relationship between Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers. (Download)

Meryem YILMAZ & Erkan KIRAL

Pages: 74 – 90

Vocabulary Acquisition and Verbal Communication in Children with Autism: The Effects of a Video Modeling Intervention. (Download)

Mahfouz Abdul Satar Abo El Fadl

Pages: 91 – 100

Measuring Test Anxiety In Students Aged 10-17 Years In Egypt: Factor Analysis and Psychometric Properties. (Download)

Fathi Abdul Hamid Abdul Kader & Mourad Ali Eissa

Pages: 101 – 108

The Effect of Differentiating Instruction Using Multiple Intelligences on Achievement in and Attitudes towards Science in Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities. (Download)

Omema Mostafa Kamel Gomaa

Pages: 109 – 117

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