Volume (6), Issue (1), April – 2017

International Journal of

Psycho-Educational Sciences

Volume (6), Issue (1), April – 2017

Incapacitation as a Mean of Protecting the Dignity of the Disabled People in the View of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. (Download)
Bernadetta Szczupał
Pages: 1 – 9

How School Achievements Interplay with School Culture and Principal Behaviors: A Comparative Study of Two Middle Schools. (Download)
Aleksandra Tłuściak-Deliowska , Urszula Dernowska & Steve Gruenert
Pages: 10 – 22

The Comparative Analysis of the Perceptions of Parental Styles and Attitudes and Parental Attachment of University Students. (Download)
Ayşe Dilek Öğretir-Özçelik
Pages: 23 – 35

A Scale Assessing Social Academic Participation in Class for University Students. (Download)
Javier Sánchez-Rosas, Alicia Verónica Molinari, Paula Belén Takaya & Nazareno Cruz Domínguez-Romero
Pages: 36 – 50

A Pattern of Transition to Adulthood Indicated in Plans for the Future of Males with Intellectual Disabilities: Secondary Qualitative Data Analysis. (Download)
Urszula Bartnikowska, Katarzyna Ćwirynkało & Beata Borowska-Beszta
Pages: 51 – 66

Effects of NeuroBike Cycling on EEG Brain Activity and Mathematical Performance: An Intervention Study. Effects of Cycling on Cognition. (Download)
Alexander John, Diana Henz & Wolfgang Schöllhorn
Pages: 67 – 80

Yoga Learning and Practice: A Perception by Athletes Participating in Competitive Sport. (Download)
Sunitha Ravi
Pages: 81 – 85

The effects of Cassady and Justin’s Functional Model for Emotional Information Processing on Improving Social Competence of First Grade Children with ADHD. (Download)
Mourad Ali Eissa
Pages: 86 – 94

The Relationship between Teachers’ Perception of School Principals’ Instructional Leadership and Organisational Commitment Level. (Download)
Erkan Kıral & Aynur Suçiçeği
Pages: 95 – 109

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