Volume (6), Issue (2), September – 2017



Volume (6), Issue (2), September – 2017

A Review of Lifelong Learning as Natural and Cultural Phenomenon. (Download)
Anna Frąckowiak
Pages: 1 – 11

A Systematic Review of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children and Adolescents: Social Deficits and Intervention. (Download)
Mourad Ali Eissa Saad

Pages: 12 – 22

The Effect of Peer – Mediated Picture Exchange Communication System Intervention in Improving Vocabulary Knowledge in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. (Download)
Abla Mohammed Al Jaber Mortada
Pages: 23 – 29

The Effectiveness of Bibliotherapy as an Intervention on Improving Aggressive Behavior of Fifth Graders Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. (Download)
Al Said Abdul Khalik
Pages: 30 – 35

The Impact of Repeated Reading Intervention on Improving Reading Fluency and Comprehension of Emirati Students with Learning Disabilities. (Download)
Hala Elhoweris
Pages: 36 – 47

Determining the Creative Thinking Levels of Fourth Grade Students at Primary School. (Download)
Ahmet Gülay & Lale Cerrah Özsevgeç
Pages: 48 – 60

Determination of Prospective Chemistry Teachers’ Opinions and Information Levels on Laboratory Safety. (Download)
Hülya Demircioğlu & Gökhan Demircioğlu
Pages: 61 – 75

Leadership Elasticity Enhancing Style-Flex for Leadership Equilibrium. (Download)
Mani Man Singh Rajbhandari
Pages: 76 – 88

Nethnographic Research Report on Families with Members with Disabilities in Social Media and Facebook. (Download)
Mateusz Smieszek & Beata Borowska-Beszta
Pages: 89 – 102

Family’s Impact on Individual’s Political Attitude and Behaviors. (Download)
Erol Turan & Özlem Tıraş
Pages: 103 – 110

Resource Room Implementation in a Secondary School and On-the-Job Training of Teachers. (Download)
Latife Özaydin, Nilay Kayhan, Merih Toker & Sevim Karahan
Pages: 111 – 137

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